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Hello and Welcome to Littlebooklist!

I hope you find something interesting here, I made this website myself without any professional help so please don’t laugh if you find it messy.. 🤗 I promise I did the best I could.. haha lol..

I’ll be posting all of my book reviews on this website as well as book recommendations and I’ll be doing an Author of the week every Monday where I’ll be featuring an author for the whole week and do an interview that I’ll post every Friday please stay tuned for that.

I’m really really excited about this and of course I’m still new to all of this so if you have any comments or suggestions I’m totally open to it, I have a contact form here or email me directly at jhommiegiorlakeming@littlebooklist.ml , also if you think there is an author I should feature or do an interview with I’d love to know.

If you think we should be friends I’d love it too! Check me out on social media.. please follow me on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and even on Pinterest! I’m also at Goodreads and Bookbub.

Thank you so much for visiting my website and remember Read On!

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